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Sultan-ul-Faqr Publications (Regd under IPO Act 2001) has been publishing Mahnama Sultan-ul-Faqr since August 2006.

Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman Madzillah-ul-Aqdus started publishing Mahnama Sultan-ul-Faqr immediately after he adorned the Throne of 31st Shaikh of Sarwari Qadri order. Since then it has been being published regularly under his supervision.

Mahnama Sultan-ul-Faqr is playing very important role in spreading the teachings of Faqr for Tehreek Dawat-e-Faqr.

It is available all over Pakistan and can be purchased from book stalls almost all over the country.

We can also send you a copy of magazine every month by post. You can get annual membership by sending money order of Rs. 480/- Readers from outside Pakistan can get membership by paying annual postal charges plus price of magazine as per their country postal rates.

Membership and postal charges per annum for different regions are as follows:

  • Saudi Reyal 180
  • US dollar 70
  • UK pound 50

You can also read Mahnama Sultan-ul-Faqr online, please click the desired magazine to read online or for downloading.


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